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Better PC and Midi Integration - a new concept

posted Apr 9, 2011, 10:42 AM by Ken Rushton   [ updated Apr 9, 2011, 11:31 AM ]
Ever wonder why the PC and the Midi world are separate, even though midi is often routed through and made on computers? Me neither. Having to go through arcane rituals and jump through hoops to get the PC to change the music produced was just a Fact of Life.

Until recently it was just a fact, an assumed way we had to go.

Well, not any more, I've written and tested Midi Integrator 1.0, a free, documented (!), open-source program that runs, right out of the box, on Win/Mac platforms. This is my gift to the music-geek community.

How does it "integrate" and what the heck is "midi integration" anyway?

Well, what it does is convert an input, any input that there is a subroutine for (I have provided for mouse input, PC keyboard input or joystick input), into a common message format, which is like an enhanced, human and machine-readable midi message. It does the same for genuine midi device input too; everything is converted to a common format.

This enhanced midi message is then routed to a chosen instrument pre-processor, which combines the message with other messages, converts it to a real midi commandand then fires said midi command at your sound-making device.

The above is the basic foundation, To this just add a simple set of tables to control each input's translation to enhanced midi, and setup becomes a lot simpler and a lot less costly than buying ReWire.
Your PC and Midi equipment become as integrated as you wish.

For more details, see Mid Integrator.
for downloads, see Midi Integrator Downloads