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Andy Mirkin uses Keyboard Integrator

posted Mar 12, 2012, 11:23 PM by Ken Rushton
This gentleman describes how he uses Midi Integrator (a tool for converting any PC input to a midi command) in his Music Electronics site

He has these comments on the tool:

I’m very surprised if, as you say, Integrator isn’t more well-used – it’s a great program and was exactly what I needed for this application. I hope I explained it correctly!

...  The idea of saving the complex note-allocations so they can be called up on request and shared with others is an excellent one – and the format of the text file wasn’t that difficult once I understood what the 5 elements of each line were.

I could have emphasized more the fact that the program can accept multiple MIDI keyboard inputs, and also has a feature for mapping mice, joysticks, etc. I’ll certainly continue using it to experiment with other layouts (The AXiS uses the Harmonic layout, I think, which I haven’t yet tried) and other input devices.

Thanks Andy, for writing these kind words.