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Authors Notes

I discovered the need for a program like Integrator when building a then-experimental keyboard instrument called the jammer – reconfiguration by programming was an absolute pain, and so made the configuration table-driven.
I guessed that with a little bit of work the original, single purpose program could be made into a system useful to many.  Well, the “little bit of work” turned out to be a “fair bit of work”, so I hope you find my system truly useful. 

Much more could be done – better displays of what’s going on, and proper saving and restoring of configurations, for instance.

Alas, my jammer calls. Further features must be added by others.

Ken Rushton, blogging as MusicScienceGuy.  Copyright 2010, 2011

Copying permitted under GPL3, see: http://gplv3.fsf.org/

Please post any bugs, improvement ideas to www.MusicScienceGuy.com.

Code & Documentation:  http://www.altkeyboards.com/instruments/integrator