Symmetrical keyboards

A different way of playing

Mirroring may seem a bit odd if you have two keyboards on a table, and you're used to a piano.
But pick up the keyboards and face them, bottoms together, or put them on your chest, and you'll see that the fingers move in unison, they work together when the keyboards are mirrored. It's something that the body is wired to expect.

To my lovely wife, the notes always go up in one direction, to the right. Playing a parallel scale with the left hand starting on the little finger and going to the little fniger => thumb and the right hand going thumb => little finger are totally natural. Going up to the left is unthinkable, literally. It was a startling idea at first.

But!: it works

Inter-hand skills transfer is working! The LH is learning faster, in fact it seems that it was already picked up a bit of big-brother’s skills through watching.
-odd to feel the LH making the same mistakes as the RH used to.
Odd to see a LH to RH clumsiness transfer taking place, as well as the RH => LH skills transfer, but when one considers the layout of the brain, and it’s interconnected input – how can it tell – which is the preferred movement?, it is to be expected. Clumsiness transfer can be overcome by slowly going over the right moves. This cancels the wrong moves, and re—enforces the correct.

- it isn very natural to move the hands and fingers in unison.

At times it still seems odd to have the notes go up to the left, but it is getting easier.

Rythmn and timing learned. – this is obviously a skill that can be shunted easily for anywhere, thus, if I learn a pattern with my righ hand, the left hand or foot can do it, providing the muscles and nerves can do

Several side effects

thus far:

  1. 1) my typing is better: smoother and with less errors,  after 30 years it had reached a not-very-high plateau, and this is forcing my fingers to improve.
  2. 2) I can play the piano better - its keys now seem large and clumsy, but my kinesthetic sense, now that it gets the idea, is somewhat able to remap. It's like teaching children to read using a completely phonetic spelling - the children learn piles faster, and then just have to learn the standard english version, which is a small step. This idea was dropped because it was more expensive to create the textbooks & harder for the teachers, not because it wasn't much better for the children.

- it would be hard to develop a different LH fingering for the pitch-goes up to the right keyboard, and the wjammer lay put maps really well to the