This site, with the help of a growing community, is a cool place for information about music, especially how to learn it, make it, and how the thing actually works, all in a more-or-less scientific (yet whimsical) way.

Some of us are focused on developing is a faster, innovative music keyboard called a jammer, While others are focusing on other instruments like sonomes.

In a nutshell, we are combining current music theory, modern knowledge and simple ergonomics to produce "piano 2.0"; an improved musical keyboard.

These new instruments have very significant advantages over the traditional design and few disadvantages. They are faster to learn, very significantly faster and easier to play and more expressive. They are also easier to play by ear, in other words, to have fun with.

In practical terms, it takes 10 years to become skilled enough to be passable pianist. With the new designs, the same level should be reachable in 3 yrs. It's not a free lunch, but it is less expensive, yet more filling.

Indeed, the meshing of the keyboard layout with music theory, kinesiology and human perception is a great leap forward: it's fun to have an instrument where the melody and the chords intertwine, where it's blink'n easy to add chords to a melody and music just plain makes sense.

Join in

It takes a community to raise a child, so please join in; post your ideas and comments. This is your opportunity to make a difference, to get in at the start of something very cool, and have fun doing it. If you see anything where you think "that wasn't too clear" or "I wish I could see a demo of what they are talking about" please comment.