Instruments do not stand on their own, as any saxophonist with a missing stand will attest.

Ways to make sounds

What sound production software goes well with it?

  • e.g. Garratin Personal Orchestra 
  • What computers go well with it? - netbooks do well.
  • What amps go well?

Jammer support

  • books
  • manuals
  • Teachers
  • fingerings and techniques for playing
Forthcoming ~~

Training and lessons

Is there a way to interface to any of the existing piano courses?
Interface to other kinds of training i.e reading piano lesons.

Hardware needed.

Software needed

Key remapping software
Software to play midi files on screen to demo fingerings & how to play..

See: Software

What else works well with the unit?

Better USB connectors.~~
Music notation, packaging for travel, easy gig setup?~~