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nanoPad and nanoKey as thumb and foot controls

 Ken Rushton - November 2010
Korg's nanoPad and nanoKey midi devices are cheap at $50 each.

I had a couple kicking around, so have adapted them for use with the jammer.

The nanoPad does not need any changes done to it but is too big and bulky to be put conveniently under the thumb, unless one builds a little support platform.

nanoKey.  I built up its keys with little wooden blocks so that my toes could work them. It worked reasonably well enough to do until I can buy the proper midi foot-pedals ($200+).

Notes: I tried the Korg drivers, then went back to to default.  I don't recommend the Korg midi drivers.
If you want to try them, get the latest from www.korg.com support and read it very carefully. Install Korg Kontrol Editor - Note the KontrolEditor_0100E_633664613251790000.zip is the one, not the mK_Editor_Win_200e. Note that the Korg drivers program is a driver-installation program and has to be run manually, the one I tried was version 10-17-2008.