What musical hardware works well in making an advanced instrument?
It turns out that a fairly simple assemblage suffices. What we are outlining here is the gadgets that we've found work.
we also throw in the price and try to give you a rough estimate of the eventual cost.

Gadgets useful in a gig, especially for jammers and sonomes. some people modify them very slightly ...

Axis-49 revealed: intimate details of the instrument

Axis-49 Hacks : things we'd like to do to further enhance the keyboard

Thumb-controlled modulation - we use a variety of simple pieces of hardware

Foot-pedals for 2 keyboards


Korg Nanopad/Nanokey

Other essential add-on software that helps glue the hardware together


Keyboard Integrator

Interesting gadgets in their own right

iPad/iPod/iPhone decked out with software in several ways

Raw instrumental hardware is Integrated into a musical instrument with clever design.

Just-Plain-Fun hardware

Novation launchpad
Ipad/Iphone/Ipod touch
home-built janko